Baer Memorial Park & Lehighton Swimming Pool

With most states opening up for business soon during the Covid-19 epidemic, it is maybe time you revisited your favorite recreation schedule items such as swimming and going to the park. More and more Pennsylvanians are seeing an end to lock down restrictions and public spaces will open soon following Governor Wolf’s announcements regarding reopening over 17 counties in the first phase starting next Friday.

Make Leighighton Your Next Travel Destination for Fun in PA

Lehighton should be your next destination after the lockdown restrictions are done away with. Located in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, Lehighton brims with history, historical sites, museums, varied exciting recreational facilities, and family fun activities of all kinds. If you’re looking for some fun and recreation, lots of water parks and amusement parks are currently closed, but will open soon. So in the meantime, what are some of the best places to visit this summer?

Lehighton Rec Center

For those who are looking to keep cool during this summer why not try Baer Memorial Park. This a public park that is managed by Lehighton Borough. Baer Memorial Park hosts Lehighton Swimming Pool, one of the vibrant public swimming pools available in the county. Baer Memorial Park & Lehighton Swimming Pool make Lehighton Rec Center, the most visited swimming-related facility in the county.

The pool is usually open all day long and was closed following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, following the directive of the Lehighton Borough Council, it will open on June 13th when Carbon County coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Baer Memorial Park & Lehighton Swimming Pool facilities are easily accessible with entry passes coming at very discounted prices.

If you are not a fan of public pools, Lehighton supports many recreational centers with private swimming pools. Usually though, unlike the public pool, at Lehighton Rec Center you will need to be a guest of a member or a club member to have access to private swimming pools in the community.

Lehighton Fireworks 2019 2020
Lehighton Rec Center family fun and leisure are more than just swimming at Lehighton Swimming Pool. It is a nice place to be when you want to mark celebrations of any kind. Some of the festivals and celebrations you will like to participate in include the Lehighton Fireworks Display and Heritage Weekend and the Lehigh & Lausanne Homecoming Celebrations that are typically feature fireworks activities. Grand parties and events are often organized to coincide with major events, and if you find yourself in Lehighton this can be an opportune time to watch the brilliant fireworks illuminating these local events. Some of these events are actually so well known that they are internationally celebrated.

Lehighton boasts many more amazing sights and places of interest than elsewhere in Carbon county. You can find everything right from fantastic museums, shopping destinations, quality restaurants, and amazing artificial water parks. These diversities of options ensure a lively atmosphere and bring unique experiences for every visitor who happens to visit the wonderful destination.

Leighton is a major place of attraction both for the locals and visitors alike. Besides swimming, shopping, hiking, fishing, and all sorts of recreational activities, the place comes well known as a romantic destination full of spectacular scenic views.

Because Lehighton is very well known for being a nature lover’s paradise, it is good to be mindful about the environment. They ask all visitors and residents alike to avoid littering whenever visiting all publicly managed and shared places in the community. Lehighton is known for being a clean city and municipality. All garbage and refuse are managed by the borough under the Lehighton Borough garbage schedule 2019-2020 and will continue to be into the future.

Be sure to visit and keep Lehighton beautiful!