Country Junction - World’s Largest General Store

Country Junction the World's Largest General Store comes out as one of the most visited destinations in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. The store first opened its doors for customers in 1984, and at one time it had more than five outlets Country Junction Wind Gap, Wilkes-Barre, Quakertown, Hazelton and the last located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

Even with this, its main store located in Forest Inn 6565 Interchange Rd Lehighton PA 18235 has earned a reputation as a popular destination for shoppers and tourists alike over the years.

Country Junction Growth Over the Years

Thirteen years after the well known Country Junction fire, hit, it has grown both in merchandise and floor coverage to be what it is today. It supports both in-state and interstate shoppers as well as other visitors who visit the place to share in all of its fun.

Country Junction Shopping

In fact, the fun is never-ending at Country Junction. As a shopper, there is more than shopping at a general store. Typically, you can find everything you want from homemade foods, staffs, lush plant produce, to refined furniture at the former Junction location Ashley furniture in Wind Gap. It is known that you can pickup free Country Junction coupons, freefall coupons, Lehigh Valley Zoo admission coupons, Christkindlmarkt discount tickets and many more.

Another well known fact, everything comes at very affordable prices. Additionally, if you are looking for local service team rentals Lehighton PA offers, Country Junction rents a number of services. You can get in touch with them by phone at 484-629-3800 and via e-mail at for quotations and price ranges.

Family Fun at Country Junction

Country Junction was and is still about family and friends. Everything from the candy counter, the garden center, to the lawn makes every shopping experience thrilling. Life at Country Junction isn't just about shopping though, it is a hotspot for family fun. The place flourishes with many fun activities that suit people of all ages. Keep the kids busy all day long at the arcade, in the Country Junction escape rooms, or in the Nerf arena.

There is also no need to worry about where your next birthday venue should be. Book a date with Country Junction birthday parties and they will help you prepare a splendid birthday bash. Other festivals such as the Country Junction Wine Festival make this place your next must-visit destination.

While going shopping at the world's largest general store, there are many activities and places you can visit near Country Junction to add to your shopping experience. Search on google for things to do near Country Junction and a whole list of things and events will show up.

Visit the Nearby Poconos

The Poconos is the most visited destination region near Country Junction. Just like Country Junction, the Pocono region is home to a number of events that include various Poconos Fall Festivals, a Pocono Craft Fair, the Mount Pocono Fair, and many more. There are also several indoor activities in the Poconos, activities that are designed to make your stay lively. As an aside, they also have the best pet-friendly resorts in PA.

Lastly, a day out on the trails kayaking or shopping is fun for sure, but can be tiresome. So much so it's sure to make you hungry. Be sure to check back in at the Country Junction for the delicious and varied Country Junction menu. The Barndoor serves snacks, pizza, sandwiches, and other lovely pastries. There is also an Ice Cream Parlour and a sit down Barn Door Restaurant to serve your needs.

Baer Memorial Park & Lehighton Swimming Pool

With most states opening up for business soon during the Covid-19 epidemic, it is maybe time you revisited your favorite recreation schedule items such as swimming and going to the park. More and more Pennsylvanians are seeing an end to lock down restrictions and public spaces will open soon following Governor Wolf’s announcements regarding reopening over 17 counties in the first phase starting next Friday.

Make Leighighton Your Next Travel Destination for Fun in PA

Lehighton should be your next destination after the lockdown restrictions are done away with. Located in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, Lehighton brims with history, historical sites, museums, varied exciting recreational facilities, and family fun activities of all kinds. If you're looking for some fun and recreation, lots of water parks and amusement parks are currently closed, but will open soon. So in the meantime, what are some of the best places to visit this summer?

Lehighton Rec Center

For those who are looking to keep cool during this summer why not try Baer Memorial Park. This a public park that is managed by Lehighton Borough. Baer Memorial Park hosts Lehighton Swimming Pool, one of the vibrant public swimming pools available in the county. Baer Memorial Park & Lehighton Swimming Pool make Lehighton Rec Center, the most visited swimming-related facility in the county.

The pool is usually open all day long and was closed following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, following the directive of the Lehighton Borough Council, it will open on June 13th when Carbon County coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Baer Memorial Park & Lehighton Swimming Pool facilities are easily accessible with entry passes coming at very discounted prices.

If you are not a fan of public pools, Lehighton supports many recreational centers with private swimming pools. Usually though, unlike the public pool, at Lehighton Rec Center you will need to be a guest of a member or a club member to have access to private swimming pools in the community.

Lehighton Fireworks 2019 2020
Lehighton Rec Center family fun and leisure are more than just swimming at Lehighton Swimming Pool. It is a nice place to be when you want to mark celebrations of any kind. Some of the festivals and celebrations you will like to participate in include the Lehighton Fireworks Display and Heritage Weekend and the Lehigh & Lausanne Homecoming Celebrations that are typically feature fireworks activities. Grand parties and events are often organized to coincide with major events, and if you find yourself in Lehighton this can be an opportune time to watch the brilliant fireworks illuminating these local events. Some of these events are actually so well known that they are internationally celebrated.

Lehighton boasts many more amazing sights and places of interest than elsewhere in Carbon county. You can find everything right from fantastic museums, shopping destinations, quality restaurants, and amazing artificial water parks. These diversities of options ensure a lively atmosphere and bring unique experiences for every visitor who happens to visit the wonderful destination.

Leighton is a major place of attraction both for the locals and visitors alike. Besides swimming, shopping, hiking, fishing, and all sorts of recreational activities, the place comes well known as a romantic destination full of spectacular scenic views.

Because Lehighton is very well known for being a nature lover's paradise, it is good to be mindful about the environment. They ask all visitors and residents alike to avoid littering whenever visiting all publicly managed and shared places in the community. Lehighton is known for being a clean city and municipality. All garbage and refuse are managed by the borough under the Lehighton Borough garbage schedule 2019-2020 and will continue to be into the future.

Be sure to visit and keep Lehighton beautiful!

Towamensing Elementary School in Lehighton PA

When people think of Leighton area often what comes into mind is the Appalachian Trail, hiking, and campouts. It is easy to get swayed into the luxuries, water parks, game reserves, and public recreational facilities that the place offers overlooking the fact that thousands of families call this area home. If you are planning to purchase property or start a home in Lehighton, the school factor is an important element in decision making.

Considering a Move to Lehighton Pennsylvania?

If you are a parent in the Lehighton area, you have likely heard about the charms of Towamensing Elementary School. If you're considering moving to the area, you probably will want to know more about this interesting school that offers schooling to grade k-6 children and has a teacher-student ratio of 1:14. Tucked away on 7920 Interchange Rd in Lehighton, PA 18235, Towamensing Elementary School is a public school serving students in the Lehighton area and beyond.

The school falls under the control of Palmerton school board which is in control of the larger Palmerton area school district - a conglomerate of schools that include elementary schools and high schools. Its group of schools include Senior High School, Junior High School, Parkside Education Center, S.S. Palmerton Elementary school and lastly Towamensing Elementary itself. According to state test scores, Towamensing Elementary and its sister schools lead in test scores and are regarded as one of the prestigious public schools in Pennsylvania.

Palmerton Area High School led by Palmerton high school principal Paula Husar is the only high school operated by the Palmerton school board. One of the reasons why parents strive to get their children into Palmerton Area High School is its exemplary rating under the guidance of its esteemed principal. Additionally, Palmerton school's calendar 2018-19 provides ample time to students and enhances holistic growth in students. Besides academics, the school calendar encourages participation in community development and co-curriculum activities that augment talent and growth in students.

Strengths of the Towamensing School and District

The strengths of the Palmerton area school district set them apart from other public schools. All the schools under Palmerton school board work hard at investing their resources toward improving their institutions and the surrounding community. As part of community development, Palmerton area school district offers several jobs to the surrounding community. If you live in the area you can always search online for Palmerton area school district jobs. The jobs and enrollments are managed by the Palmerton area school district business office which is responsible for budget and financial planning, student activities, food services, local and state auditing, insurance management, managing Palmerton area school district staff directory, among other responsibilities.

Towamensing Elementary School and other schools managed by Palmerton school board have excellent standards for students who have special needs, they have top-rated teachers who have the ability to identify existing mental, physical, and emotional disabilities in young learners. With this, the aim of the Palmerton school board and management is to ensure that all student's needs are taken care of at the individual level. Palmerton area district schools have the feel of small private schools, if you feel that public education is good and want your child to experience cooperation and socialization skills, then this is the right place to move into and send your child.