Luxury Homes in Saylorburg PA

Dreams do come true in Saylorsburg, PA where you can build luxury homes at an affordable price. In Monroe County, PA you can still find sufficient acreage to construct a private and lavish estate complete with a perfectly manicured rolling lawn accented by lush landscaping. In the Saylorsburg area you can buy land at a reasonable cost to build your luxury home in a tranquil setting bordered by woodlands, or alongside one of Pennsylvania’s beautiful lakes or streams.

The luxury home market is being energized by a new generation of affluent home buyers. A surge in inherited wealth among Millennials is driving demand for larger spaces and fancier finishes. While the older affluent are opting to downsize, their younger counterparts are seeking vast swaths of square footage — 23% of them want at least 20,000.

Most of the prospective home buyers shopping for homes priced at $1 million or more are under 50. According to a recent survey, almost a fourth of high net worth home shoppers in the 25-49 age bracket were looking for houses of 20,000 square feet or more. For those over 50, that number is only 6%.

These new luxury home buyers are looking for essential features including hot tubs, commercial-grade kitchen appliances, and multiple-view security cameras. Locations near good restaurants are only slightly less important than proximity to family.

Three out of five surveyed under 50 anticipate inheriting at least $1 million, with the average inheritance closer to $3.8 million. Tax provisions passed under George W. Bush made more wealth available sooner to today’s heirs. Over 171,000 families gifted at least $1 million between 2011 and 2014. Another economic boom will come as the new tax law takes effect which cuts taxes on the rich. This surge in demand for luxury homes will be further amplified by a burgeoning stock market.

The demand for larger homes is already apparent in the U.S. housing market. After the foreclosure crisis in 2008, builders began constructing larger, higher-end houses and condominiums. Median homes peaked in 2015 but today’s new homes are still almost 50 percent bigger than when the U.S. Census Bureau began tracking housing trends in the late 1970s.

A luxury home is a masterpiece of elegance and tasteful style. Enter the estate along a smooth driveway that winds through a carefully manicured landscape. The rolling lawn is accented by select trees and shrubs that line a curved stone border wall. It’s the kind of place that once you see it, you never want to leave.

Impress guests with twenty-foot ceilings, carved grand staircase with custom millwork that rises to the second level under a chandelier and beautiful hardwood floors. Entertain in a spacious and bright dining room with custom pattern hardwood flooring. Relax in front of a masterful fireplace in your formal living room with gigantic bay window streaming natural light. The family room is comfortable, yet modern with an array of entertainment for the whole family to choose from.

Make the kitchen a chef’s dream come true. Install high-end, stainless appliances like Sub-Zero refrigerators, and perhaps two cooktops (one gas and one electric). If you plan to entertain frequently, include two stainless dishwashers, double ovens with a warming drawer, and a microwave or convection oven. Consider the look of custom glazed cabinets, angled flooring, and marble or granite counter tops and backsplash. A spacious floor plan allows the kitchen to open into a sizable breakfast room with the bay area leading out to a deck or patio.

Imagine a master suite that is oasis of comfort and quiet, completely apart from activities in the rest of the house. Your master suite could include a sitting area, complete with its own fireplace, bookcases, and even a mini-bar. French doors could lead to a balcony that overlooks the luxurious estate. Build a bathroom fit for royalty with his and hers sides featuring separate vanities, walk-in closets and built-in cabinets. This level of style would not be complete without a large whirlpool tub and oversized two-person walk-in shower.

In addition to an ample supply of bedrooms, if you plan on having friends or family visit, you may decide to build a guest suite with its own complement of bathrooms, a comfortable kitchen and common area to relax. Even guests need their privacy and time alone. Many estates will include a completely separate guest residence that adjoins the main house.

Your dream can come true in Saylorsburg. You can build a luxury home that is an investment for future generations to enjoy while your family creates wonderful memories. There are nearly limitless opportunities for the builders of luxury homes in Saylorsburg.