New Construction Homes in Saylorsburg Pennsylvania

Saylorsburg is a choice area for buyers of new construction homes in northeastern Pennsylvania. Saylorsburg is in close proximity to many pristine rivers and lakes for outdoor adventures and activities. Also, the town is reasonably close to the Lehigh Valley and the large cities of New York and Philadelphia.

Saylorsburg continues to grow steadily as population expands in the Lehigh Valley or people relocate from crowded cities and even more people choose a more rural lifestyle. This growth has strained the stock of current houses but it has also presented a special opportunity for those seeking to buy or build a new construction home. For anyone thinking of building a new home in an convenient, scenic location with quick access to large cities, Saylorsburg could be the perfect choice.

Good News for New Home Buyers in Saylorsburg

Finally, the current reductions federal regulations coupled is fuel to the economy and to housing in particular. The current administration plans on easing of other burdensome rule making which promises a bright future for everyone, including builders of new construction homes and prospective home buyers in Saylorsburg and around the US.

The financial news has been filled with gloom and doom projections that mortgage rates will rise with the increasing economic growth and incremental Federal Reserve tightening of the money supply. Raising the 30 year treasury has put some upward pressure on rates but that’s only part of the story.

The more important effect of economic expansion is an easing of lending policy for mortgages. Since the housing bust of 2008-9, banks have restricted their lending. The only new home buyers who seemed to qualify were those who didn’t even need a loan. This outlook is changing for those who seek to participate in the housing market.

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Plan for Your Future in a Saylorsburg Home

Knowing the Financials of a New Home

If you already have an existing property you wish to build on in Saylorsburg, then this choice is already settled. This is the first real decision you will make about a new house if you don’t have a lot. Your local residents or realty companies may have lots for sale, or know what lots are available in Saylorsburg that meet your desires and finances. Research into local real estate postings for more information and current pricing is a good start. It is a good idea to consult with a few local real estate agents to help you find exactly what you want.


In the Saylorsburg area you can build a house on the edge of town with plenty of privacy. Otherwise, if you have a growing young family with children you may desire to live in a small community close to other young families with their children. Many local community developments contain their own recreational facilities. Some developments are gated for security if that is a prime concern. HOA dues sometimes include trash and snow removal which are charged as a part of annual home owner fees. Investigate to see that these added costs are reasonable for the provided services.


The cost of building the house is not the only cost to consider when seeking a new home. Local school and county property taxes can have a lasting affect on that decision. Often the reason that new residents chose to come to Saylorsburg from the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and New York is to escape high property taxes. Saylorsburg’s tax rates are more affordable than other expensive counties for property taxes in PA and elsewhere. Lower annual property taxes can put a more expensive house within your reach in Saylorsburg and still keep future property tax burdens reasonable.

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Future Homes, your contractor will be knowledgeable about all local Saylorsburg area building codes. Also, some housing developments list additional restrictions on the location or size of house you may build on your land. Codicils could regulate where you can park vehicles, kinds of trash cans, burning, construction of decks or pools and other additional requirements. This is important information to have in mind when considering a new construction home. Your building contractor is the most valuable source of information and could save you many problems or expensive errors.

From the the planning to the actual construction, your consultant contractor will work with you so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your new home with no worries.

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