New Construction Design Homes in Treichlers Pennsylvania

Northampton County and Treichlers has a lot to offer buyers of new construction homes. Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, its footprint includes part of the scenic Pocono Mountains. Northampton County is home to numerous beautiful rivers and lakes for outdoor recreation and enjoyment. Additionally, the county is conveniently located with easy access the metropolitan areas of New York and Philadelphia.

When deciding on a home design, a custom home builder like Future Homes can really make your home a masterpiece. Future Homes will help choose the home design features that fit you perfectly. This will give you a place that you will love to call your own!

Design Your New Home in Treichlers

When you’re building a new house from from the ground up you want to create something truly special. We’ll touch on a few home design ideas in a moment that you might want to incorporate into your new home.

Planning Your New Treichlers Home

As your housing contractor, we have building lots for sale or know where lots are available in Treichlers. If you already have an existing property you wish to build on in Treichlers, then this choice is already settled. This is the first important decision you will make about a new house if you don’t have a lot. To find one that meets your desires and finances it would be helpful to research local real estate listings for more information and current pricing. It is recommended to talk with a few local real estate agents. They always know what’s available and which locations are most desirable.

Treichlers is a very scenic area with plenty of building choices. You can build on the outskirts of town with lots of privacy. Ff you are a growing family with young children you may prefer to reside in a close knit community near to similar families with growing children. Many local community developments contain their own convenient recreational facilities. Some developments are gated for added security if that is a worry. HOA dues may include trash and snow removal and charge for them as a part of the annual home owner fees. Be aware of these costs to determine if they are reasonable for the covered services.

There are many features and amenities you can choose. Read more by expanding the text below.

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Design Features & Amenities for Your New Home

Knowing the Financials of a New Home

Radiant floor heating is very sweet to have in baths and kitchens. It costs more to install but it won’t be a decision you regret. A finished basement is another great place for radiant floor heating. Your garage can be a year round space for home projects with radiant floor heating.

Today, new home buyers want to see plenty of windows and large ones at that. With high efficiency, low-E glass energy costs are not an issue. If your house scenery or a garden, take advantage of it with windows. Home design has to offer ample amount of bright, natural light.

Speaking of light, recessed lights on dimmers are a fine choice for interior lighting. Lighting in kitchens and baths is essential. Add unswitched outlets in the bedrooms for table or standing lamps.

Also, you can never have too many electrical outlets. They are harder to add once the house is finished. Outlets under windows are great for holiday lighting. Add outlets in bedrooms for today’s gadget crazy lifestyles. An outlet under the vanity in the bathroom can be very handy for a hair dryer. Kitchens should have outlets over every counter and on the island. Outlets in the garden or along walkways are ideal for holiday or path lighting.

Treichlers continues to grow steadily as the Lehigh Valley expands outward and more people move west from the overcrowded regions along the east coast. This has put pressure on the stock of existing housing but presents a golden investment opportunity for buyers of new construction homes. If you are looking to build an affordable dream home in a stunningly scenic region with easy access to two major cities, Northampton County may be the perfect location for you.

A Taxing Issue

One thing to consider when planning new home construction is not only the cost of building the house, but the longer term property tax burden that you will incur. Northampton County’s tax rates are comfortably in the lower middle between the most expensive and least expensive counties for property taxes in Pennsylvania. A lower yearly property tax obligation can make it possible to build more house than elsewhere in Pennsylvania and still keep costs within your budget.

Taxes Matter – Homes in Treichlers are Affordable

Building the house is only one cost to consider when choosing the location of a new home. Local school and county property taxes can influence that decision. Often times, the very reason new residents chose to come to Treichlers from the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and New York is to avoid high property taxes. Treichlers tax rates are low compared to other counties in PA and elsewhere. A buyer may be able to afford a large house with more features in Treichlers or nearby Walnutport. Lower annual property taxes can put a nicer, more expensive house within reach by keeping future property tax burdens under control.

The Best Treichlers Builder

As your contractor, we have information about any local building codes or restrictions. Some housing developments have neighborhood restrictions on the house location that can be built on your land. Home associations or municipalities could regulate where you can park cars, use of trash cans, burning, added decks or pools and other various requirements. This is crucial knowledge to have in mind when building a new construction home. Your building contractor is the most important source of this information and will help you avoid many problems or expensive errors.

From the the planning to the actual construction, your owner/consultant Tyler will work with you so you can rest assured that you will enjoy your new home with no worries.

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Location – Why Treichlers

You may prefer a house in the woods with lots of privacy and seclusion. On the other hand, if you have a growing family you may want to live in a community development with other young families and children. Some developments feature convenient community recreation facilities. Developments can be gated, if security is one of your concerns. Some include trash and snow removal which are charged as a portion of annual home owner dues. If these are amenities you are looking for, make sure the dues are reasonable for the provided services.

Although your contractor is aware of local building codes, these small housing developments often will add property deed restrictions on the type or size of home you can build. Other codicils could dictate where you can park your car, how you can put out trash, the building and location of decks or pools and countless other conditions. This is a detail of house planning that should be investigated thoroughly and not be taken lightly. Your experienced building contractor can be of immense value and save you many headaches or expensive missteps.

Your contractor consultant will work with you hand in hand throughout the new home designing and construction phases. Our take pride in their skills that so you as a new home owner can be assured of the best new home.

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