Towamensing Elementary School in Lehighton PA

When people think of Leighton area often what comes into mind is the Appalachian Trail, hiking, and campouts. It is easy to get swayed into the luxuries, water parks, game reserves, and public recreational facilities that the place offers overlooking the fact that thousands of families call this area home. If you are planning to purchase property or start a home in Lehighton, the school factor is an important element in decision making.

Considering a Move to Lehighton Pennsylvania?

If you are a parent in the Lehighton area, you have likely heard about the charms of Towamensing Elementary School. If you’re considering moving to the area, you probably will want to know more about this interesting school that offers schooling to grade k-6 children and has a teacher-student ratio of 1:14. Tucked away on 7920 Interchange Rd in Lehighton, PA 18235, Towamensing Elementary School is a public school serving students in the Lehighton area and beyond.

The school falls under the control of Palmerton school board which is in control of the larger Palmerton area school district – a conglomerate of schools that include elementary schools and high schools. Its group of schools include Senior High School, Junior High School, Parkside Education Center, S.S. Palmerton Elementary school and lastly Towamensing Elementary itself. According to state test scores, Towamensing Elementary and its sister schools lead in test scores and are regarded as one of the prestigious public schools in Pennsylvania.

Palmerton Area High School led by Palmerton high school principal Paula Husar is the only high school operated by the Palmerton school board. One of the reasons why parents strive to get their children into Palmerton Area High School is its exemplary rating under the guidance of its esteemed principal. Additionally, Palmerton school’s calendar 2018-19 provides ample time to students and enhances holistic growth in students. Besides academics, the school calendar encourages participation in community development and co-curriculum activities that augment talent and growth in students.

Strengths of the Towamensing School and District

The strengths of the Palmerton area school district set them apart from other public schools. All the schools under Palmerton school board work hard at investing their resources toward improving their institutions and the surrounding community. As part of community development, Palmerton area school district offers several jobs to the surrounding community. If you live in the area you can always search online for Palmerton area school district jobs. The jobs and enrollments are managed by the Palmerton area school district business office which is responsible for budget and financial planning, student activities, food services, local and state auditing, insurance management, managing Palmerton area school district staff directory, among other responsibilities.

Towamensing Elementary School and other schools managed by Palmerton school board have excellent standards for students who have special needs, they have top-rated teachers who have the ability to identify existing mental, physical, and emotional disabilities in young learners. With this, the aim of the Palmerton school board and management is to ensure that all student’s needs are taken care of at the individual level. Palmerton area district schools have the feel of small private schools, if you feel that public education is good and want your child to experience cooperation and socialization skills, then this is the right place to move into and send your child.